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RTU (Ready-To-Use) Platform

The RTU technology platform transfers the reconstitution/re-dilution needed products to a ready to use dosage forms. The platform also provides the following advantages:

  1. Reduce or eliminate the use of problematic excipients, such as surfactants, etc.

  2. Mainly based on aqueous solution, can reduce or not use harmful organic solvents and additives

  3. RTU / RTD, and has a longer use time stability; eliminate reconstitution/ handling of cytotoxic drugs reducing contamination and medication errors

  4. Can provide multiple uses/ multiple dose options

  5. No novel excipients used, minimizing the possibility of requiring clinical safety and/or bioequivalence studies

  6. 505b2 regulatory pathway shortens development time and the product is protected by non-infringing composition patents

S4EIS (Solution for Extended-Release Injectable Suspension)
  1. The technology platform is used to manufacture a new long-acting microcrystalline suspension injection drug delivery system with controllable particle size.

  2. Suitable for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection (SC or IM)

  3. Controlled drug release by slow release of active ingredients

  4. The use of simple, conventional product production processes has obvious advantages over complex sterile suspension or      sterile powder production processes

  5. Suitable for the sustained release administration of a variety of high-value pharmaceutical active molecules

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